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Month: August 2015

5 tips meeting people

In the business world, meetings and networking events abound and it’s easy to think these situations are geared towards those of us who are more outgoing. But of course those…

by Lucy Limb


Why do we oil the squeaky wheel? Karl Schoemer in his work “The New Reality”, defined three types of behaviour which were present in most organisations: Design, Default and Defiant…

by Lucy Limb


Unconscious bias at work: 3 ways you’re being biased, and 6 things you can do about it. Diversity is critical to organisational success, but creating an environment where people from…

by Lucy Limb

Master Chef

There are lessons to be taken from everything we see, if only we look and listen for them.  Here are some BiteSize learnings I picked up from the recent Celebrity…

by Lucy Limb