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Month: October 2018

Workplace Horror Stories and How to Fix Them

Halloween is the season to be scared – but the workplace can be scary all year round. Sometimes those tales of horror are things you can laugh about later, others…

by Paul Hodder

Why we include interactive learning in our training courses

In the era of on-demand video, on-the-job experiential training and peer-to-peer learning, you might imagine classroom learning is dying out – but you’d be mistaken. With flexible working on the…

by Paul Hodder

Inside the mind of the remote worker

Soraya is one of 12 people working on a European-wide project for a financial services firm. She is one of nine working from home. Soraya’s young boys are at school…

by Paul Hodder

Is 2018 the year for taking mental health at work seriously?

An estimated 300,000 people lose their jobs due to mental health, costing the economy an estimated £33-42bn a year, according to the Farmer-Stevenson review. Around one in four people experience…

by Paul Hodder