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Coaching Case Studies

Coaching Case Study – Conflict Management

A client, committed to career development and individual progression promoted two high-performing team members to Joint Department Head with responsibility for different business lines. What was designed to create opportunities for two emerging leaders resulted in conflict.

The client retained us to facilitate the relationship between the two Joint Department Heads and their manager.  We used psychometric tools to diagnose personality types and establish a non-critical common language and facilitated a meeting (Department Heads and their manager) where results were shared and objectives agreed. The facilitator was selected for her expertise in conflict management. This was followed by three one-to-one coaching sessions for each of the Department Heads, where they worked on areas unique to themselves. There was a final facilitated group session.

The outcome was increased recognition and appreciation of different communication styles and redistribution of work to enable each Department Head to play to his or her strengths.

Coaching Case Study – Presentation Skills

A client was due to deliver a presentation at a key industry conference. Although an experienced presenter to smaller groups, the person requested support with overcoming their fears and working on delivery and audience management with a large audience.

A specialist coach was identified, who over two coaching sessions, enabled the individual to review presentation objectives, content, and messaging. The coaching questions helped her to reduce the content significantly. This created additional time to engage with the audience and incorporate “story-telling” to bring the subject matter to life.  The second session focused on delivery style. The coaching questions and challenges resulted in a change to the use of props, vocal energy, tone, pitch, and pace making it more appropriate to a large multi-national audience.

Coaching Case Study – Newly Promoted Manager   

A newly promoted manager was finding it difficult to adjust to his new role, continuing to focus on technical and operational detail and struggling to delegate. He was also having trouble giving work and feedback to former peers and friends. A series of four coaching sessions and a willingness to receive 360 feedback helped him to identify the root cause of his fears that were acting as a barrier to his success. Coaching helped him to develop a management style that felt authentic to him and his team members and to build trust in the ability of those reporting to him.