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We’ve all been in the situation when you’ve introduce someone to a colleague and their name escapes you or you recognise or you are unable to remember a number you should do in a meeting with your boss. Nearly every skill we value in our professional lives is to some degree affected by our ability to remember, from recalling the names of the people we meet, learning and retaining new information, or even feeling comfortable speaking without notes.

We will be holding a Memory Skills for Business Taster session on Friday 14th July in the City of London.  Covering why our memories let us down, deciding what to remember through to speaking without notes – this presentation will equip attendees with the tools and information they need to start reaping the rewards of  having a fantastic memory.

Our trainer for the morning: Jake O’Gorman ‘The Business Memory Coach’ is an expert in using memory improvement strategies in the business environment. Jake was the winner of the MSO Memory World Cup in 2015 and, most recently, star of ITV’s ‘How to Remember Everything’.

For more information please email call 0845 123 3757 or email [email protected]

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