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Remote and Hybrid Working – training courses for teams

Strengthen your team’s productivity, collaboration and wellbeing with training for remote and hybrid working.

Research* suggests 73% of workers surveyed want flexible remote work options to continue once government restrictions are lifted.

The overnight switch to remote work provided flexibility to manage work around personal commitments together with reduced commuting time.

Now, the idea of spending two hours plus each day traveling to a desk to do work you can do from home (when you’ve proved you can be trusted to WFH) doesn’t quite stack up.

HR and Learning and Development teams need to balance the needs of the business with those of employees. Many teams are considering a hybrid working model, a form of flexible working that allows employees to split their time between the workplace and working remotely (typically from home).

We offer two hour, in-company training courses to help your managers and their teams thrive in the hybrid environment.

“I’d rate this 5 out of 5.  I felt very engaged and enjoyed the activities that were planned as they really emphasised the points that were being raised in the training itself”.

Are you ready to transition your teams back to the office and hybrid working?

The hybrid workplace is a more complex working landscape which requires new knowledge, behaviours and skills for employees, at all levels, to navigate effectively. And there are skills gaps to fill, for example, many managers have taken on new responsibilities for communication and company culture often without training.

With our remote and hybrid training courses you can feel confident your employees are able to achieve the best of both worlds: the flexibility and productivity of remote working with the collaboration and sociability of the office.

Our remote and hybrid training sessions are designed to designed to increase productivity, engagement and support work-life balance. Each one providing the knowledge, skills and confidence and actionable steps to implement the key learning points.

*Microsoft Work Trend Index