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Remote learning

Given the unprecedented situation we are all facing, we hope that you, and your families and friends are safe and well.

Our response to the Coronavirus outbreak

The government is instructing us to stay home and only to go outside for food, health reasons or for work that you cannot do at home. To comply we’re adapting our existing programmes to remote delivery so that your employees can benefit from the same learning experience at home.

We’re committed to using our training expertise and technology to engage learners with thought provoking and participative programmes. You can read about what we have learnt about delivering remote learning in our blog.

We would love to work with you to identify the outcomes you are looking for and how best to achieve them. Should you have any questions or concerns about remote training please get in touch, you can call 0845 1233757 or email [email protected]


The Coronavirus outbreak is forcing us all to change the way that we live and work, putting pressure on us all as individuals and teams. Many of us will be unfamiliar with managing people working remotely or working remotely ourselves and will need new skills to manage and lead effectively. Our programme Managing remote workers provides participants with skills and confidence to lead a remote team.

We offer a range of courses that focus on managing for mental health, wellbeing and resilience so that we can look after our own health as well as the wellbeing of the people we manage. These programmes include:

Building resilience

Managing for Mental Health

Mindfulness at work

Optimising energy and wellbeing

Working from home: a survival guide

We are developing the courses we offer in this area so please get in touch if there is a particular course you would like to run.

Coronavirus job retention scheme   

If your business cannot cover employee costs due to COVID-19, you may be able to access government support to pay employee wages, to avoid redundancies

Employees who have been furloughed are able to participate in online training. If the training is compulsory you must ensure that furloughed employees receive at least National Minimum Wage/ National Living Wage for their time spent training.

If you would like to talk to a consultant about training furloughed employees please get in touch.

The CIPD have produced a guide based on the latest information which can be found here.