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Social Styles: what have you enjoyed about lockdown?

We recognise that lockdown has been an extremely difficult time for many, but a comment by a trainer on one of our weekly calls, that she had found much to enjoy about lockdown, made us think about the positives that people may have drawn from the experience. Using the Social Styles model as a base, we thought it might be fun to share ideas about the upsides that different people may have experienced – and may not want to lose.

If you are unfamiliar with the Social Styles model take a look at our blog here.

What have you enjoyed about lockdown? 

We asked the team to consider the elements of life under lockdown that would have appealed to each of the four styles. Do any of these resonate with you?

Amiables value informality over formality and tend to dress for their own comfort, so the baggy tee-shirts and lockdown loungers will have suited them just fine. They will also have enjoyed the frequent check ins, the reason to reconnect with old friends and opportunity to be helpful in a crisis situation. They will miss less pressure on deadlines (as work priorities changed) and the reduced conflict as people pulled together (symbolised by the weekly doorstep clap).

Expressives have enjoyed all the different social interactions, the orchestration of gatherings and the audiences. The blending of home and work life would have been an upside and they would have simply loved seeing into other people’s houses and, better still, showing off their own! New mediums have provided stimulation and interest and the crisis an element of risk and innovation.

Analytics have enjoyed the control and ability to plan time and lose themselves in doing what they want with fewer interruptions. Switching off the phone and email alerts and being able to work through until something is finished without being asked stupid questions will have being a complete release! They will miss the freedom, space, and privacy of the lockdown.

Drivers have enjoyed shorter conversations and managing outputs without the detail. They will miss the expediency of getting stuff done – quickly and ability to ignore conversations. And, most of all, controlling the “mute all” facility on Zoom! As we begin a return to commuting there will be less time in the day to get things done, fewer opportunities to showcase their home office and as kids return to school, less opportunity to take control of home schooling.


We would love to hear whether you recognise any of these behaviours and what has worked for you during this period.



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