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Success Stories

“It’s been great to partner with a team who really listens, is flexible and is responsive to our needs.”

Verity Stroud,  Learning and Development Manager at Miller Insurance

“This has to be one of the best ‘virtual’ courses I have attended.”

Mental Health Awareness

“The service was faultless from start to finish.”

Talent Manager, Insurance Company

“Really brilliantly led, interactive and relatable.”

Building Resilience

“We have been working with Paul and his team at BiteSize Learning for over two years now and we are delighted with their service.”

Mariella Giancola, Head of HR at British Antarctic Survey

“We needed to implement a number of programmes as we emerged from COVID and began to resume work in the office again. Not only had COVID shifted the landscape, but headcount had grown by over 35% during the lockdown periods. To help with the transition, I approached BiteSize to undertake a series of workshops for both managers and employees about ‘hybrid ways of working’.

The service was faultless from start to finish. Abby, as our main point of contact quite simply makes my life easy when it comes to all the scheduling and admin. She understands my needs and picks up on every nuance and is able to follow up on this.

From this we have gone on to design a bespoke management programme and run some presentation skills courses, each and every time, the service is great leaving me confident I am going to get a great product and my employees get what they need from a range of fab facilitators.”

Talent Manager, Insurance Company

“My role as a new manager would be much harder had it not been for this course.”

Building and Leading Great Teams

“The sessions are extremely engaging and Paul is always happy to mold the content to suit our individual business and staff.”

Lucy Partner, Head of Partnerships and Client Accounts at Yoke Network

“This course was really eye-opening for me and helped me understand what I need to do to be a better source of support for my team.”

Managing for Mental Health

“BiteSize has perfected the art of getting a lot into a short space of time in a very interactive way.”

Andrea Farrell, Organisational Development and Learning Manager University of the Arts London

“Content and structure of course were excellent. The trainer was very empathetic and accommodated  each trainee’s specific concerns and helped us work on individual weaknesses.”

Presentation Skills

“Structure, hints, and tips were useful. Discussions were open and the trainer was engaging and made sure everyone participated.”

Time Management

“We have been working with Paul and his team at BiteSize Learning for over two years now and we are delighted with their service.

We run a complex operational and logistic programme to support environmental science across the polar regions. We employ a diverse group of people – ranging from scientists, marine officers, pilots, engineers, chefs, divers, crane drivers, accountants and HR professionals and many more, each one with their own learning objectives and preferences. A large number of staff work remotely ( on an Antarctic station or a polar vessel or a plane) for many months a year with limited access to wi-fi.

Despite these challenges, Paul managed to develop a flexible modular programme to support their professional development. He also developed a management programme which looked at supporting and empowering staff deployed to work in the Antarctic regions. The programme looked at to facilitate difficult conversation, how to build a team capability recognised everyone differences and how to look after each other’s wellbeing. All of this once we were coping with the constraints of the pandemic.

What Paul brought to the table was firstly a genuine interest and admiration for what our staff do and the ability to empathise with people and relate to them which makes those difficult conversations easier.”

Mariella Giancola, Head of HR at British Antarctic Survey

“Very interesting content and applicable in real-life situations. The trainer was excellent – knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining.”

Creative Problem Solving

“We are a very young start-up and for many of our staff this is their first or second job, so we are always looking for ways to develop their skills and empower our team.

The sessions are extremely engaging and Paul is always happy to mold the training sessions to suit our individual business and staff. For example we have a global team and he has been extremely accommodating to our needs. He brings in his own personal experiences into the training which allows us to relate the theory to real life. Feedback included:

  • Actionable learnings

  • Sparks conversations we wouldn’t usually have

  • Insights for soft skills that are hard to develop eg managing difficult conversations

  • Good tips I can apply to my daily tasks. E.g thinking about how I communicate with individual members

  • Improved efficiency and communication

  • Client Facing/Internal – made me more conscious of how to position things and why it’s crucial

  • Helped me to understand how all colleagues are different and how to work with different people successfully

 I may be biased but working with Abby and the other team members at Bitesize to organise the sessions and get set up has been extremely easy and smooth – essential as this is in addition to my actual job role!”

Lucy Partner, Head of Partnerships and Client Accounts at Yoke Network

“It was a fabulous session on managing hybrid workers! Catherine caught our attention and was able to engage the audience with discussions, slide deck, video, breakout activities etc. The content was spot on! Really was well worth the time and I have had a couple of people reach out to me to say how good it was.

Can you thank Catherine personally for the great work she did please … it was really insightful.”

Amanda Geal, Organisational Development Manager at ADP

“I’m glad we decided to go ahead with this, the importance of investing in your team is that much greater in an increasingly remote & distributed workplace.” 

Richard Gunn, COO Hyperexponential

“Everything BiteSize Learning has delivered for us over the past year has been fantastic. The trainers have been exceptional and the sessions have gone down really well. I am looking for more opportunities to work with BiteSize and I am really happy to recommend them to colleagues, even when I have not seen the course.”

Julie Hyett, UK Talent Lead Aon Risk Solutions

“I’ve just spoken to a participant who was on your course last week who said it was the best course she’d been on since joining White Stuff!  Thank you for working so collaboratively with us, especially in tailoring this course to our business, it’s very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you here again.”

Kirsten Godfrey,  Development & Culture Manager, White Stuff

“This is definitely the way forward for management training, as far as I am concerned.”

Professor Niamh Moran, Head of the School of Postgraduate Studies, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

“The feedback from the training session has been universally positive. It gave people tools to be much more confident in interacting, which was exactly the aim!”

Hannah Purves, Claims Director, Markel International

“The 1-1 coaching sessions were incredibly valuable and led to a significant increase in effectiveness at work.”

Stephen Fisher, Markel International

Case Study

In this case study, we worked with a university to deliver bite-size training courses around a themed event and a management development programme.


The arrival of a new head of the department was a good opportunity to launch a project to meet pent-up demand. The solution was a day of bite-sized sessions themed around personal impact and change, branded as a staff Development Festival.


It can be a challenge to limit the time you take employees away from the business for development without sacrificing training quality. Members of the L&D team had been frustrated by suppliers who stretched material that could be covered well in less time.

They had not always been satisfied with the quality of bite-size training; very few providers seemed to do it well and staff often complained that they did not get enough out of the course. The challenge was to find training providers able to deliver high-quality bite-size training sessions across a wide range of topics.

We were selected because our understanding of the brief made us stand out.

“I like working with Paul, because of his background he is aware of the pressures I am under, he really understood me quickly and got on with delivering what I’d asked for.”


The festival has become a permanent event and has raised the profile of learning and development opportunities and the department.

“BiteSize has perfected the art of getting a lot into a short space of time in a very interactive way. I like the common sense and practical stuff, the videos, games, and the fact that people move around, it’s really exciting stuff. They have a big role to play and will always feature as I know they get behind the topic really well and have a good range to offer.”

Partnership working

We went on to work with the L&D team to customise and deliver a two-day programme for new and aspiring managers.

“The willingness to work in partnership – to adapt and pilot the programme – has led to improvements which have filled a gap and made the programme easier to sell internally.”

Andrea Farrell, Organisational Development and Learning Manager University of the Arts London.

Case Study University of the Arts London


Our client, Concur, an SAP company and one of the world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions are committed to client service excellence.


We were asked to design and deliver a two-day programme to help consultants develop outstanding communication and customer relationship management skills. We focussed on rapport-building, listening, assertiveness, grounding, facilitation, and presentation skills. We used existing content and designed new business-specific material to achieve learning outcomes.


All participants over the series of training sessions scored both the content and the trainer an average of over 9/10.

“This was an important programme for us and I am delighted both with the way BiteSize Learning addressed this unique brief and with the outcome – the team all gained a lot from the programme.”

Keith Simson, Senior Director of EMEA Services

Case Study Concur
Case Study


Our client wished to accelerate the development of talented people outside their management programme to enable them to have an even greater impact on the business and to develop the management pipeline.


We proposed a customised nine-week programme: Effective Business Skills to be delivered to employees from across the business. The programme was structured in two parts:

  • To develop participant capability in areas including project management; presentations; cooperation and teamwork and creative problem-solving. Participants were encouraged to apply their newly gained knowledge in day-to-day work.
  • To work in teams to develop and present to the Board a proposal to propel the business forward, which would either: resolve a current internal business issue; result in cost savings; develop a new or existing product, or increase productivity, efficiency, or profitability.


Managers reported increased commitment and performance from participants. The quality of the ideas and presentations impressed the Board and Senior Executives and resulted in all of the proposals being taken to the next stage of development.

 “This programme had both a great impact on the individual participants and delivered benefits at a company level. At the participant level the programme has strengthened their profile and self-confidence. There has been a lot of interest including from our senior management, stimulated by the generation of practical ideas for business improvement which are now being put into action.”

Ron Northedge, Human Resources Director at Markel International

Case Study Markel International