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We would like to congratulate Richard Jenkins and John Nelson at RFIB for a successful trip to China and Hong Kong.  Richard and John asked us to help them hone their presentation skills for this important event.  The presentations focused on Insurance opportunities arising from China’s developing luxury yacht industry with a goal of informing the audience of the unique challenges of this class of insurance. RFIB and their co-presenters from Brit and Skuld (all pictured) hoped the presentation would be the start point, demonstrating their own credibility and expertise and catalysing long-term business relationships with insurers and brokers in the region.  The feedback has been outstanding and demonstrates how our win helped our client win by helping their potential partners win.  A true win:win:win.


Did you know?

The average superyacht would cost $20 Million and take 37,000 litres of fuel, costing $2m per year to run excluding crew and berthing costs.

The largest Superyacht in the world, the Azzam, is valued around USD 600 million and is 180m and capable of 30 knots.

There are a number of themed superyachts at concept stage – Richard’s favourite (and ours) is based on Monte Carlo with the focus being a grand prix circuit wide enough for 3 go-carts and famous landmarks including the Casino!


If you are lucky enough to know someone who owns one of these, we would love to speak to them, but they may have more need to speak to Richard at RFIB.  On the other hand, if you know people who would like to work on important presentations, contact us on 0845 123 3757 or [email protected].

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