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Bitesize Training Courses

We offer high-impact and interactive, 120-minute, trainer-led courses to help solve managerial and interpersonal problems in the workplace today. Our courses help employees work and manage more effectively and communicate…

by Lucy Limb

A Mindful Message this Christmas

We cram a lot into our Decembers. And although many of us will hopefully benefit from a few days holiday at the end of the month to enjoy the festive…

by Lucy Limb


Download our resilience map here  

by Lucy Limb


Download our Workplace Communication exercise to help you recognise the difference between assertive, aggressive and submissive communication. Assertive Aggressive Submissive

by Lucy Limb

What are your top 3 time-wasters?

Download our questionnaire to find out what you are wasting your time on. From poorly managed meetings, unclear priorities to difficulty refusing to take on extra work – there are plenty of…

by Lucy Limb