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The FCA has big expectations, are you ready?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have signalled that they are not pleased with the embedding of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR). In particular the understanding and application of…

by Paul Hodder

What our attitude to holidays says about employee mental health

I was struck by a recent conversation on LinkedIn on the topic of holidays in relation to employee mental health. The rise in remote working is clearly making it harder…

by Lucy Limb

Creativity is not down to talent, it’s a trainable skill

One of the most striking elements of the COVID pandemic is how some companies have been opening up new markets for themselves. There are drinks and perfume companies manufacturing hand…

by Paul Hodder

Mental health hacks for post-lockdown work life

A client was telling me recently that her employees were struggling with the remote working arrangements at her company. On the surface it had been an overnight success but, four…

by Janice Benning

Email etiquette and communication in a pandemic

Email etiquette has become a vexed issue during the pandemic. There are good reasons for this and fortunately some useful techniques exist to help ease the burden. When writing your…

by Paul Hodder

Social Styles: what have you enjoyed about lockdown?

We recognise that lockdown has been an extremely difficult time for many, but a comment by a trainer on one of our weekly calls, that she had found much to…

by Lucy Limb

How Social Styles can help you achieve your communication goals

While no single lockdown experience is the same, for most, it has been characterised by a significant amount of time spent cooped up with our families or housemates. A great…

by Lucy Limb

Six tips for energising virtual training

Last week I attended a Webinar on Energising Your Training by the author Bob Lucas. He talked about the importance of movement, asserting that physical activity has been shown to…

by Paul Hodder


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by Lucy Limb

How the furlough scheme can affect company culture and what to do about it

The UK furlough scheme extension signals how much longer it will be before we see a return to “normality”. With more 6m workers on the scheme, one issue many businesses…

by Paul Hodder

Time management techniques for remote workers

Our lockdown lives are bending out of shape. The unchanging rhythm of the day-to-day can make it hard to remember which day of the week it is. Managing the competing…

by Paul Hodder