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5 tips for successful new managers

Think back to when you were first promoted to a management role. How did you feel? What did you struggle with first? When it comes to new challenges, few people…

by Paul Hodder

What’s your company doing to support mental health?

World Mental Health Day earlier this month saw some fantastic initiatives being launched to get people talking about and educating themselves on the topic across many different channels. Nationally, ITV…

by Paul Hodder

How lawyers can operate at their peak without burning out

Global law firm Dentons has just appointed its own ‘Europe Chief Mindfulness Officer’. She will be rolling out a new wellness programme, which uses the principles of neuroscience, cognitive science…

by Janice Benning

Managing stress – don’t wait, or it may be too late!

How many of us do it; wait for the weekend or our holiday to recover from the stress and pressure of work? Our message here is, “Please DON’T!” What stops…

by Janice Benning

Writing for impact

In all the recent coverage celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, one of the stories that most stood out was the archived speech written for Richard Nixon, in case…

by Lucy Limb

The top 5 workplace gripes we hear on training courses

It is the privilege of being a trainer (OK, also occasionally the curse) that people feel comfortable enough in the confines of the room to ‘have a good moan’. Anything…

by Paul Hodder

The right way to say no to your boss

You’ve just been promoted to manager and can’t find enough hours in the day to cope with the new workload.  Now your boss has approached you about another piece of…

by Paul Hodder

The 3 Ps of presenting – how to wow the room

Glossophobia is the technical term for a fear of public speaking, and as you might expect, it’s a commonly held fear. It can be so debilitating that a survey earlier…

by Paul Hodder

Our BiteSize Learning team reveal their most inspiring leaders

Organisations never aspire to have bad leaders. So why do we have so many? In today’s VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) team leaders need an unprecedented mix of…

by Paul Hodder

What’s the Dalai Lama got to teach us about business

Earlier this year his Holiness shared his thoughts on leadership in the Harvard Business Review. It’s a short article, but the call to action is huge: “Leaders, whatever field they…

by Ivor Twydell

Having better conversations

Do you dread having a difficult conversation? This video tip covers the importance of framing the conversation so that a win-win can be achieved by all.     

by Lucy Limb