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Clear-thinking, expert, and practical support

From time-to-time employees face specific workplace challenges or transitions, such as stepping into a leadership role or returning from parental leave.

Timely, purposeful, and relevant coaching can boost confidence and self-awareness and strengthen leadership skills. Through impartial advice and guidance, we can help your employees develop the skills, behaviours, and mindsets they need to achieve their goals.

In this way, coaching can transform individual performance and organisational success.

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Employement Matters

Our Approach

We focus on making a difference with coaching services that enable people to communicate more openly, lead more effectively, and achieve their potential – giving you more productive teams, stronger leaders, and engaged employees.

” The 1-1 coaching sessions were incredibly valuable and led to a significant increase in effectiveness at work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul for 1-1 coaching.”  – Coachee feedback for Paul Hodder 

We take the time to understand your organisation, culture, and people and shape our coaching solution to your needs. We often integrate coaching into our bite-sized training courses to reinforce the learning, encourage the practical application of tools and techniques back in the workplace and increase return on investment.

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Our Coaches

Having worked across a range of organisations and industries in both the private and public sectors our coaches bring a breadth of experience and the ability to relate to your challenges and context.

Whether coaching executive board members, emerging talent, or working with female leaders we are skilled at building trust and rapport and maximising potential.

“My mental health improved significantly, the tools enabled me to better understand and deal with difficult situations, and Flora’s perspective gave me the ability to see myself and my achievements in a way that changed my mindset – and gave me true confidence.” – Coachee feedback for Flora Mac Donald 

Our specialisms include Culture and Behaviour Change, Leading with Vision and Purpose, High Performing Teams, Raising Team Trust and Accountability, Inclusion and Belonging, Unlocking Unhelpful Beliefs and Thinking, Maternity Coaching, Managing Self and Others During Change, Difficult Conversations, Navigating Careers and Having Career Conversations, Improving Personal Style and Building Relationships, Wellbeing and Resilience.

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1:1 and Group Coaching

From 1:1 Executive Coaching to Coaching Circles we offer a range of options and are happy to talk about customising these for you

1:1 Coaching

Do you have an employee who needs help with their performance or a specific goal or challenge?

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1:1 Coaching (onsite and virtual sessions)

One-to-one coaching sessions offer the opportunity to work with an accredited coach to take a deeper look at challenges and work through issues constructively and confidentially.

Our coaches are experienced at working with Executive Board Members including CEOs, Senior Leadership team members, and Middle Managers to achieve their objectives through one-to-one leadership coaching sessions.

The coach will work with the employee to identify coaching objectives, understand the specific issues they’re facing, and build and implement a plan to overcome them.

Where appropriate the coach may work with the employee’s manager to ensure that goals are aligned, and the employee is supported to continue their journey after the sessions come to an end. Our coaches can work with employees on a short or long-term basis. We recommend 4-6 sessions to ensure a long-lasting positive impact.

Coaching Clinic Days

On a Coaching Clinic Day, an accredited coach will run numerous 1:1 coaching sessions with different employees. Many clients slot Coaching Clinic Days into longer-linked training programmes, to provide a time for reflection on the course content, consolidation of knowledge, and a space to work on specific problems employees are facing which may have been brought to light during the training programme.

This is a great, cost-effective option if you have more than one employee who is looking for support from a coach. Find out more about increasing return on investment with integrated coaching.

Here is an example of a linked leadership programme with coaching clinic days built in:

1:1 Training

Has an employee approached you after a training course and expressed a need for further tuition or a desire to dive deeper into the subject matter?

1:1 Training is a perfect fit for employees that would like to explore any of our BiteSize courses in more detail, with personalised help from a trainer. In a 1:1 dynamic, employees may feel more comfortable speaking up about the areas of the course they felt less confident in, so the trainer can work with them to ensure their understanding is sound and they have a plan to implement their new knowledge.

These sessions do not need to take place over the long term; some employees may only need one session to further explore the topic, others may require more.

Any of our experienced trainers can deliver 1:1 Training, and the trainer will be assigned based on the topic the employee is interested in exploring further.

To find out more please get in touch with Abby Hodder, Client Relationship Manager at [email protected] or call on 08451233757



Group & Peer to Peer Coaching

Do you have a group with a common challenge or are you looking to introduce coaching skills?

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Group or Team Coaching

Group coaching sessions are an opportunity for a group to take a deep dive on a topic of shared interest or relevance, or a common challenge they are facing. These sessions are also suitable for teams who may be adapting to change or taking steps to build a high-performance culture.

An accredited coach will work with a group of employees to develop solutions or identify and realise opportunities.

These sessions also provide an opportunity for the group to strengthen their relationships and create an environment for supporting and holding each other accountable. Our coach will work with the group to identify coaching objectives, understand the specific issues they’re facing, and build and implement a plan to overcome them. These sessions can be slotted into a training programme as an opportunity to share experiences and apply their learnings in the workplace.

Group coaching sessions take place over 2 hours and are suitable for up to 6 participants.

Coaching Circles or Peer to Peer Coaching

Coaching Circle Days are a great way to introduce coaching skills into an organisation. An accredited coach will work with a small group of employees who are usually peers to create a supportive and high-trust environment in which they can learn to coach each other. Members of the group can present real-life challenges they’re facing at work, and the coach will facilitate discussions to enable the group to explore the issues and practice their coaching skills on one another.

Like our Clinic Days, these days can be slotted into a training programme as an opportunity to share experiences and apply their learnings in the workplace.

Crucially, they provide an opportunity to be coached, understand the value of the coaching model, and for employees to grow confidence in their coaching skills. These sessions are excellent for those wanting to develop their coaching skills and complement our Coaching for Managers training course.

Coaching Circles take place over 90 minutes in groups of 4-6 participants, and up to 4 sessions can run in a day.

For more information please get in touch with Abby Hodder, Client Relationship Manager at [email protected], call on 08451233757 or use our contact form 




I’m glad we decided to go ahead with this, the importance of investing in your team is that much greater in an increasingly remote & distributed workplace. 

Richard Gunn, COO Hyperexponential




I think my role as a new manager would be much harder had it not been for this course

Attendee on Building and Leading Great Teams



The energy of Catherine was wonderful, for a course that needs people to feel motivated we couldn’t have asked for more.

Attendee on Presentation Skills



It has been great to learn as we go together and to partner with a team who really listens, is flexible and responsive to our needs, and provides us with brilliant training resources.

Verity Stroud, Learning and Development Manager at Miller Insurance Services


This course was really eye-opening for me and has helped me understand what I need to do to look after myself and therefore be a better source of support as a manager.

Attendee on Managing for Mental Health


Very interesting content and applicable in real-life situations. The trainer was excellent – knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining.

Attendee on Creative Problem Solving


Open, engaging, fluid, and informative. A nice balance of allowing our group to collaborate and share, with trainers  really serving as guides with occasional course correction.

Attendee on Leadership Styles


Structure, hints and tips were useful. Discussions were open and trainer was very friendly and engaging and make sure everyone participated

Attendee on Time Management


The 1-1 coaching sessions were incredibly valuable and led to a significant increase in effectiveness at work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul for 1-1 coaching.

- Steven Fisher Markel International

Fast-paced, interesting, relevant, and practical content. Good structure of talking and breakouts, the time flew by.

Attendee on Building Resilience



Just another thank you from me for today’s session. Went down really well and people were talking about the models and continuing the discussion throughout the afternoon.

- Fiona Andrews Partner and Head of Organisation Development, Towergate Insurance

Paul has exceptional ability to take on and manage complex and sensitive programmes with an eye to the constraints of budget. The quality of advice to the business-leaders was first-rate. I would not hesitate to work with Paul and his organisation again.

- Stephen Bates MD - Managing HR Initiatives

I value working in partnership. We have built a relationship that has led to pilots, tweaks and better results. I would recommend BiteSize Learning for their delivery and understanding of client’s needs.

- Andrea Farrell Head Organisational Development and Learning Manager, University of The Arts London

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the training you ran for us last Friday. The feedback has been universally positive, and it was certainly one of the best training sessions I’ve ever attended.. I think it gave many people some tools to be much more confident in interacting, which was exactly the aim!”

- Hannah Purves Claims Director, Markel International

“This is definitely the way forward for management training, as far as I am concerned.”

- Professor Niamh Moran Head of the School of Postgraduate Studies, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Diagnostic Tools

Our coaches apply a range of behaviour models, psychometric tools with the latest coaching practices to help employees develop self-awareness and engagement and to measure the impact of coaching.

  • Pre-Coaching questionnaire
  • 360-Degree Feedback
  • Leadership Circle Profile - 360 Leadership Assessment
  • Blanchard’s SLII questionnaire on situational leadership
  • Outward Mindset (Arbinger)
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Myers-Briggs profiling
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • Team Management Profile (TMP)
  • Hogan Personality Indicator