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Customised Development Solutions

Learning and development built around your needs

Whether you are looking to empower individual managers through coaching, create high performing teams or develop project management capacity – we offer a custom solution to the specific business challenges you face.

How does it work?

You take an active role in the design and delivery of learning and development solutions based on your context and culture and aligned to your needs.

Our step-by-step design process helps you to determine goals and stakeholder involvement while we manage the process and deliver agreed outcomes.

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Your consultant will use a range of tools including CBT, NLP, experiential and action learning and project management techniques. We will work with you to maximise the transfer of learning to the workplace.


Recent Projects

  • Embedded

    21 days to change a habit? One client used us optimise behaviour change and embed learning

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    Much as we love designing and delivering training courses (and we do!), our primary interest is in what will happen once participants return to their desks.  We work closely with our clients to achieve behavioural change.  These are just some of the interventions we have used in conjunction with our clients:

    • Providing detailed guidance notes to support each course
    • Creating downloadable audio files of a breathing exercise and body scan to support our Mindfulness course
    • Working with clients to identify and supervise team business projects for emerging leaders
    • Production of an e-learning Resilience course for participants of the face-to-face training
    • Issuing video files of individual presentations accompanied by feedback following our Presentation Skills course
    • Sending a series of high impact slides to participants in the days following training
    • Using recap sessions and quizzes at the beginning of subsequent training courses, when a suite of programmes has been booked
    • Providing additional referenced reading material
    • Issuing questionnaires for participants to use with team members


    21 days to change a habit?

    One L&D Manager approached us to help optimise behaviour change by building a range of supporting events to embed the learning from a course.  While there is much debate about the time it takes to form a habit, with the client we agreed to support the learning over a period of 21 working days.

    First, participants attended a two-hour bespoke “Habits of High Level Effectiveness” course.  Then, for the following 21 workings days, working closely with the (brilliant) L&D Manager we designed and issued a series of interventions to embed the learning.  Here is a sample of them:

    Day 1 – the line manager of each participant was sent a short questionnaire to “debrief” the team member and agree a single action the person would take

    Day 2 – we issued our guidance note.  (This is a document that accompanies each of our courses, capturing the key learning points.)  They were asked to look up information from a particular page and email the response to us to ensure they read it!

    Day 3 – participants completed a “time-waster” questionnaire, capturing their key distractions

    Day 4 – participants were asked to respond to an email, recording the three best tips they had taken away with them and how they had applied them

    Day 5 – we issued one of the high impact slides

    Day 6 – The course included an activity involving Smarties and ping-pong balls (we can tell you if you would like to know)!  We sent them a ping-pong ball.  Later the next week, we sent them a box of Smarties

    Day 7 – We had covered the Pomodoro technique in the course so circulated the Pomodoro materials, with a reminder to segment time and take breaks

    Anecdotally, not only was memory and retention increased, but improved time management and effectiveness was reported.



  • Team Building

    One global client improved team work with an event involving participants from over 30 countries

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    We design team events to deliver our clients’ objectives.

    One global client improved team work with an event involving participants from over 30 countries.  This was incorporated into a three day conference of the global risk team and the objectives of the teambuilding activity were defined as:

    • Networking and breaking down barriers
    • High-level learning about management and communication
    • An opportunity to see some of London’s key attractions

    Our solution was to develop a team challenge that incorporated these elements.  We set up working groups and gave them a series of management or communication models and frameworks to research and understand.  Facilitators were on hand to support their learning.  They were then let loose in London, tasked with finding props and photographs of postcard sites to incorporate into a presentation of their model to the rest of the group.  Throughout the day, we introduced various “twists and turns” to increase the challenge and encourage networking with the wider group.  The day ended with presentations and awards.

    Shorter team-building events last less than an hour, designed to fit into a team away-day.  Some are office based, while many involve going off-site to complete a mission.  We have adapted activities to suit participants with limited mobility and hearing.

  • Assessment Centre

    We can design and deliver assesment and development centres to help you recruit and retain talent

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  • Bespoke Courses

    We design and deliver bespoke learning solutions to support your in-house learning & development initiatives

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  • Your Project

    We design courses and train staff to enable in-house delivery. We'd love to talk to you about your next project

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    Our client, committed to creating an inclusive workplace with equal opportunities for all employees, commissioned us to develop a two hour Diversity and Inclusion workshop.  Together, we agreed learning objectives, outcomes and delivery style.  The CEO who sponsored the project wanted each session to be opened and closed by a senior Director, the content to reinforce company values and for the training to be highly participative.

    Having developed the course, the first sessions were delivered by a BiteSize facilitator, moving to co-delivery with an in-house trainer, before transferring completely to in-house delivery.  Throughout the project we used client branding, language and messaging and managed ownership of stock photos used in the presentation.



“It’s been great to partner with a team who really listens, is flexible and is responsive to our needs.”

Verity Stroud,  Learning and Development Manager at Miller Insurance


“This has to be one of the best ‘virtual’ courses I have attended.”

Mental Health Awareness


“The service was faultless from start to finish.”

Talent Manager, Insurance Company


“Really brilliantly led, interactive and relatable.”

Building Resilience


“We have been working with Paul and his team at BiteSize Learning for over two years now and we are delighted with their service.”

Mariella Giancola, Head of HR at British Antarctic Survey


“My role as a new manager would be much harder had it not been for this course.”

Building and Leading Great Teams


“The sessions are extremely engaging and Paul is always happy to mold the content to suit our individual business and staff.”

Lucy Partner, Head of Partnerships and Client Accounts at Yoke Network


“This course was really eye-opening for me and helped me understand what I need to do to be a better source of support for my team.”

Managing for Mental Health


“BiteSize has perfected the art of getting a lot into a short space of time in a very interactive way.”

Andrea Farrell, Organisational Development and Learning Manager University of the Arts London


“Content and structure of course were excellent. The trainer was very empathetic and accommodated  each trainee’s specific concerns and helped us work on individual weaknesses.”

Presentation Skills


“Structure, hints, and tips were useful. Discussions were open and the trainer was engaging and made sure everyone participated.”

Time Management


“Very interesting content and applicable in real-life situations. The trainer was excellent – knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining.”

Creative Problem Solving


“I’m glad we decided to go ahead with this, the importance of investing in your team is that much greater in an increasingly remote & distributed workplace.” 

Richard Gunn, COO Hyperexponential


“This is definitely the way forward for management training, as far as I am concerned.”

Professor Niamh Moran, Head of the School of Postgraduate Studies, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland


“The feedback from the training session has been universally positive. It gave people tools to be much more confident in interacting, which was exactly the aim!”

Hannah Purves, Claims Director, Markel International


“The 1-1 coaching sessions were incredibly valuable and led to a significant increase in effectiveness at work.”

Stephen Fisher, Markel International


We can help you with

  • One to one coaching - made to measure support designed for individuals
  • Project management coaching, training and advisory support - including live "work as you learn" project support
  • Design of in-house courses and training of internal staff to deliver Team building events
  • Employee engagement and values projects
  • Blended learning options