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Terms and Conditions

Commercial terms

Fees for all work by BiteSize Learning Ltd will be charged in accordance with the Summary of Deliverables and Fees, included in the proposal or any subsequent written amendment signed by both parties.  Invoices are payable within 30 days of presentation.  All fees and expenses will be subject to VAT in accordance with VAT regulations.

Reasonable expenses, including travel and subsistence, and goods and services purchased on the client’s behalf, are charged at cost.  For travel, BiteSize Learning’s standard policies apply which are to use second class rail and economy class air travel within the UK.  If travelling by private vehicle our rates will be based upon the prevailing Inland Revenue Mileage Rates, currently 45p per mile.


Cancellations made 20 or more working days prior to the course are subject to a £100 charge per event to cover administration.  This charge is waived where the event is rescheduled to take place within 30 days of the original event date.

Bookings cancelled between 10 and 19 working days prior to the date of the course will be charged at 50% of the fee.

The full fee will be payable if less than 10 working days’ notice of cancellation is given.


All information provided to BiteSize Learning Ltd by the client about its business or employees or obtained by BiteSize Learning Ltd about the client, which is not already in the public domain or generally known in the industry shall be deemed as confidential and shall not be transmitted or communicated to any third parties.

Intellectual Property, Ownership and Retention of Copyright

BiteSize Learning Ltd retains copyright in all material provided or otherwise generated in the course of carrying out the engagement.

Clients shall keep confidential any methodologies and technology used by BiteSize Learning Ltd to carry out an engagement.

All papers and documents we produce in the course of our work for you will remain our property apart from letters and reports sent to you. We retain the copyright and all intellectual property rights in all original material provided to you.

We reserve the right to destroy correspondence and other papers once we believe they need no longer be retained for legal reasons.

Our full terms and conditions are available upon request.