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One-to-One Coaching

1:1 Coaching (onsite and virtual sessions)

One-to-one coaching sessions offer the opportunity to work with an accredited coach to take a deeper look at challenges and work through issues constructively and confidentially.

Our coaches are experienced at working with Executive Board Members including CEOs, Senior Leadership team members, and Middle Managers to achieve their objectives through one-to-one leadership coaching sessions.

The coach will work with the employee to identify coaching objectives, understand the specific issues they’re facing, and build and implement a plan to overcome them.

Where appropriate the coach may work with the employee’s manager to ensure that goals are aligned, and the employee is supported to continue their journey after the sessions come to an end. Our coaches can work with employees on a short or long-term basis. We recommend 4-6 sessions to ensure a long-lasting positive impact.

Coaching Clinic Days

On a Coaching Clinic Day, an accredited coach will run numerous 1:1 coaching sessions with different employees. Many clients slot Coaching Clinic Days into longer-linked training programmes, to provide a time for reflection on the course content, consolidation of knowledge, and a space to work on specific problems employees are facing which may have been brought to light during the training programme.

This is a great, cost-effective option if you have more than one employee who is looking for support from a coach. Find out more about increasing return on investment with integrated coaching.

Here is an example of a linked leadership programme with coaching clinic days built in:

1:1 Training

Has an employee approached you after a training course and expressed a need for further tuition or a desire to dive deeper into the subject matter?

1:1 Training is a perfect fit for employees that would like to explore any of our BiteSize courses in more detail, with personalised help from a trainer. In a 1:1 dynamic, employees may feel more comfortable speaking up about the areas of the course they felt less confident in, so the trainer can work with them to ensure their understanding is sound and they have a plan to implement their new knowledge.

These sessions do not need to take place over the long term; some employees may only need one session to further explore the topic, others may require more.

Any of our experienced trainers can deliver 1:1 Training, and the trainer will be assigned based on the topic the employee is interested in exploring further.

To find out more please get in touch with Abby Hodder, Client Relationship Manager at [email protected] or call on 08451233757