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Bitesize Training Courses

We offer high-impact and interactive, 120-minute, trainer-led courses to help solve managerial and interpersonal problems in the workplace today.

Our courses help employees work and manage more effectively and communicate openly and inclusively. Leading to better performance and results, and a well-balanced and happy work experience.

“BiteSize has perfected the art of getting a lot into a short space of time in a very interactive way.”

Andrea Farrell, Organisational Learning and Development Manager, University of the Arts London

Over 70 BiteSize courses

We offer over 70 ready-to-run courses which can be run individually or mixed and matched to create a custom programme for your company. This means you can organise the training you want quickly and achieve the results you need.

Our core areas cover Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Wellbeing, Remote & Hybrid working, Diversity and Inclusion, Communication, Consultative Selling.

Download our course list here Bitesize Learning Course List.

If you can’t find what you need we’re happy to talk about amending and creating course content to meet your specific needs.

Bitesize training format

The bite-sized format enables employees to balance training with their everyday work commitments. Our two-hour courses are optimised to engage learners and provide them with the insights, practical skills, and tools to apply straight away. Guaranteeing you effective and practical learning outcomes.

Each topic is modular so can be run independently or bolted together to create a modular programme, for example, for newly promoted managers or to support strategic goals such as Diversity and Inclusion.

A series of bite-sized courses, instead of a 3-day course, can help you target skills gaps, balance training with work commitments, and enable employees to apply their learning over time. We usually recommend a  2-4 week gap between courses to allow time for reflection, application, and embedding of new knowledge and skills.

Speed and flexibility

Our courses are pre-designed and ready to run so can be delivered quickly and flexibly without time spent writing or updating course content. Instead, you can choose the courses that are relevant to your needs and avoid design fees.

Tried and tested

When you book a course with us you can be confident that it has been run before and that we have collected feedback. We receive great feedback about the interactivity, relevance, and practicality of our courses and our amazing trainers.

Our courses are delivered live by trainers with subject expertise either face-to-face or virtually.

 “I liked the rapport the trainers gained almost immediately by using our names and asking us direct questions. It felt more personalised, like face to face would be.”

Download our course list here Bitesize Learning Course List


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